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   My passion is with cars if you have not noticed. I love to drive, show, wrench, race, build, etc. I am always interested in learning more about any of the above.

Holley Performance Products Marketing
I currently work for Holley Performance Products, a company I have admired since I first explored tinkering with cars. My relationship with Holley grew while I was working at the magazine and when I switched to freelance, they asked me to be a part of their team. Now I work in the Marketing department where I travel to car shows, races, conventions, cruises, and anything else that screams car culture. I spend most of my time working with editors and builders who want to use and promote the parts I've always loved, and now am proud to present. Through Holley I've been invited to assist some very interesting technical, hands-on, projects including a couple television features as a guest builder sent by Holley.

Freelance Writing and Photography Freelancer
I had to leave my staff position at PHR to be able to move back to Northern California where I'm from. I'm continuing to write my columns and tech stories about the project Mustang. I hope to expand into other magazines that work with imports and sport bikes in addition to muscle cars.

Popular Hot Rodding Magazine Position Technical Editor
My interview went smoothly but at the end I was asked to write a story about an engine build. Writing was not my strongest subject in high-school so this made me nervous. I must have done alright because I have been working full time ever since. I am very happy with this job and I couldn't imagine doing anything else for a living. It is a perfect balance of air conditioned office building work and working on cars. I built a '66 Mustang Coupe project car that was featured in 23 issues as the build progressed finished off with a cover feature with the builder, myself.

Camaro Performers Magazine
Q&A Column
After a whole lot of nothing good to do for work, I was asked to write a three-page Q&A column for Camaro Performers Magazine. This wasnt enough to pay the bills but it gave me hope that I could still be in the game. After four months and four columns, I was asked to interview for a staff position at Popular Hot Rodding magazine.

Boyd Coddington's Shop
Move to LA
For a brief three weeks I worked at Boyd's shop. I moved all the way from the Bay area to Southern California, only to be fired within the first month. It was an interesting experience to say the least. There are quite a few characters that work there. Boyd's wife didn't really care for me working there so I was asked to leave. I stayed in SoCal to see what else there was to do since it's not every day you pack up and move, you might as well try to make it work.

Hot Rod Magazine
First Big Feature
October of 2006 Hot Rod magazine came out with an 8-page feature on my car. This jump started me to get back into cars as a career. I am currently exploring my options in the TV world and hope to spend most of my time doing that or hitting the track!

Empire Realty
Back-up Trade
Being the daughter of a very successful Real Estate Agent it was only natural I get into that business. My mom offered me a job as her assistant while Jennifer, her assistant at the time, was off for maternity leave. I decided working with her learning was good for me as I could hone my skills of talking to business people as that seems to be something important. I worked for her for a couple months and really enjoying the experience and learning a lot from it. Work Sign

CMG Mortgage
Before the Business Crashed
    I recently started my new job at CMG Mortgage Services led by Chris George. I was enrolled in a 3 day-24 hour mortgage boot-camp, where I learned about the whole loan procedure, along with some ‘lingo’. Still with much to learn, I spent my first couple days along side, Rose, an account manager. Next I was flown out to spend time with the top Account Executives in Utah and I have learned so much from them they are great guys.
My job here was cut short as my mom's assistant was nearing the end of pregnancy and had to leave work. I left CMG to help my mom out at Empire Realty.

Dominator Street Rods Entry to Fab Work
    After tech, I started applying to local fabrication/race shops. After a couple months, and a 3 hour interview, I got a job at Dominator. Leonard, owner/operator/fabricator, taught me a lot about the industry. He gave me a whole new mind set about how to go about making things work and tackling problems. He helped me do my first complete roll cage in the Datsun.

WyoTech Getting Schooled
    In September of ‘03, my high school graduating year, I made my journey to WyoTech to learn the basics of auto repair, grab some ASE certifications, learned to weld and fabricate.
    My first class was Applied Service Management. The curriculum included Accounting, Communications, Business Management and other areas of business and service. Many people did not like this class since they expected to never have to read, listen or write, but they were mistaken. I earned my Associates Degree in Business Management for completing this course.
    The next 4 classes were of general automotive technology and included heating/cooling systems, chassis/suspension, brakes, differential/trans, rebuilding, engine rebuilding, electric diagnostic, fuel systems and engine cooling systems just to name a few. I received some certifications while I was there.
    This class "Chassis Fabrication and High Performance Engine Building" was my favorite. I learned how to MIG and TIG weld, use many tools, like the lathe, mill, drill press, plasma cutters, etc. The course covered front and rear suspension design, tube frame design. We also learned lots about valve train, rotating assemblies, forced induction, and other goodies. I was top of my class. I was awarded "Outstanding Student"  which is the highest honor at the school. I also was elected Class Leader and Tutor. for this phase. I changed springs, shocks, bushings, ball joints, in the Camaro for extra credit.
    Street Rod and Custom Fabrication was the class I learned the most in. I did not have any experience in sheet metal, body, paintwork before this class. I got 5 weeks to work on the Camaro, where I stripped it, and did a whole lot of body and paint work.

High School Era Growing Up
     The next year at school I took Auto Shop and started fiddling with it. I got some recognition for my work there. I had been working since I was very young to support the habit starting out at Valley dry cleaners, sorting and tagging clothes in Blackhawk. I worked at Tuesday Morning, a discount retail store for a while. Then moved on to Café Alto were I worked as a barista. My last job before I shipped off to Wyoming, was at Morgan’s Machine and Marine. I worked at the parts counter as what I like to call, a parts consultant. This job was great, I learned a lot about parts and enjoyed talking to people all day about cars, street or race. The summer before school I had a slew of magazine/newspaper coverage you can check out on my Media page.

The Beginning My Start
I have been asked the question, "what got you into cars ?", more times than I can count. I really don’t know. My dad had his model cars and posters in his garage but I don’t remember it provoking me. I do however remember my friend Brian letting me drive his ‘90 Mustang GT and me being pretty stoked about driving a "fast" car.
    Progressed to using more of the Chevy/Mopar muscle cars and got my heart set on a 1st generation Camaro. Believe it or not, I actually asked myself the question auto or manual, obviously I made the right choice. Orange, 4-speed 68 Camaro, were my only criteria and I found the car a week before my 16th birthday. I almost immediately had problems with it. At this time I didn’t know anything about cars. So my friend Brian with the mustang helped me put a new battery in it.


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