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2012 Grammy Awards 2012 Grammy Awards Hangin' on Mt. Diablo
RTTC3 Photo Lady RTTC3 Holley Lady 2012 SEMA Mustang Build
Checking something Happy Face! 27th B-day
Must have seen something Crashed out My dad treats me like dirt
Pillow testing Welding at the Lincoln booth Not sad, just thinking
At Source open house Cool wall @ Venice beach Another cool wall, SF
Brian and I : 26th Bday Where to go... First official Holley show
Chilled salad The reading material Showing off Holley goods
Three dips Homemade mac and sliders Custom labels
Spreads I made for sliders Cheeses The cute little labels
Big Brakes Halloween 2010 Laguna Beach
Grand Canyon 2010 Grand Canyon 2010 Grand Canyon 2010
Grand Canyon 2010   Driving Project Twitch Z06
25th Bday BBQ July B-day bash! Project Twitch
The Crab Claw! With the AMS Evo at Laguna  
Mt. Diablo's Rock City Mt. Diablo's Rock City
    I was tired of waiting
Huntington Beach Woah! My trail!
SoCal snow
Caught cleaning! Love my truck!
Christa and I at Ruby's  
Being written up Happy Halloween!
BFG Party Cartoons by Wayne Cartoons by Wayne
They are messy! Yves and I at Marina Nice hat!
Brian and I at Tahoe LBC Moto Show Showing off
Nicole and I at Tahoe Cutting in my PJs 24 Hours of LeMons
Yves, Ken, and I at Tahoe Check out my board!
 44 Magnum Poor lil drawings Sr. Prom
18th B-day cake
Mom chillin Goodguy's March 2007 19th B-day in SF
Lazze's Metal Shaping Class Checkin out the goods Palm tattoo
Making coilovers Early racing Goodguys
Hot Summer Nights My 950 on Yves Mustang Goodguys
Goodguys What? It's not fouled? Goodguys
Sears Point 2003 Painting Nicole's master cylinder Measuring input shaft
Wrenchin' after a meeting At mom's open house First Tattoo

What do you think I will run?

Hot Summer Nights 7.13.06 The 80's hit me hard
Teaching Ken to weld 20th B-day GoodGuys June 06
Me with ST2 Miata Photo by Nicole Photo by Nicole

New toy!

They said I wouldn't fit... Liz version 2.0

mmmm Pro Lite

16th B-day cake

London Times photoshoot Chowin on some CC Custom powdercoated bike

22nd B-day cake Rockin the AutoX Santa Cruz



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